Special issue – Frontiers in Sociology of Law Studies

12 Dec 2017 | Notícias

Organized by professors Fernando de Castro Fontainha and Fabiana Luci de Oliveira, the special issue “Frontiers in the Studies of the Sociology of Law” brings 5 papers: “The legitimacy of laws and institutions of justice in the view of Brazilians”, by Fabiana Luci de Oliveira and Luciana Gross Cunha; “From criticism of the right to fighting corruption: shifts from political-judicial activism”, by Fabiano Engelmann; “Realizing Social Rights: The Material Impacts of Constitutional Entrenchment”, by Evan Rosevear; “The place of the legal elites: the territorial displacement of the STF ministers (1988-2013)”, by Fernando de Castro Fontainha, Izabel Saenger Nuñez and Verônica Bevilaqua Otero; “Life of an advisor: the functions of legal counsel in higher courts in Brazil and the United States in a comparative perspective”, by Alexandre Veronese, Najara de Paula Cipriano, Nicolle Wagner Gonçalves and Paloma da Costa Oliveira.

Access: Contemporânea – Revista de Sociologia da UFSCar (in Portuguese).